Banbury joins in 'Look for a Book'

Where are the books hiding?
Where are the books hiding?

Banbury has joined in the 'Look for a Book' initiative spreading across the country to encourage and foster a love of reading with children.

Books are being hidden around the town (in waterproof zip bags) for children to search for and then read during the summer.

People's Park offers lots of hiding places

People's Park offers lots of hiding places

Once found it is hoped children will read and re hide the original book or alternatively they can keep it and hide one of their own books.

Organiser of the scheme, Sharon Lyons, said: "Working in a primary school ( Bishop Carpenter primary school North Newington) I know the importance of reading, being it’s the gateway to learning.

"I also know,from experience, how difficult it is to fit reading into all the other fun things happening in the school summer holidays and as a consequence the impact that has upon a child’s reading ability upon their return to school in September.

"Having seen how popular ‘Banbury Rocks’ was last year, where people decorated pebbles and left around Banbury to be found by other children, I decided to do something similar with children’s books, hoping to engage children in reading and give parents a fun free activity to do with their children around the town.

"Over the last two weeks I’ve been wrapping children’s books in waterproof packaging and hiding them in Banbury for children to find and read with their parents, after which they can re-hide or keep and hide one of their own books.

Sharon added: "It’s been wonderful to see people have already started finding and joining in re-sharing their own books within the town using #lookforabookinbanbury and uploading their finds onto the Banbury Info Facebook page

Numerous books have been hidden in Banbury parks and near well known Banbury landmarks.

You can post your ‘hides’ and your ‘finds’ on Facebook for others to follow using #lookforabookinbanbury as a tag.