Banbury food packing company Hello Fresh promises litter sweep after resident's complaint

Food packing company Hello Fresh has instigated a sweep of Grimsbury streets near its plant to clear up litter thought to be discarded by workers.
HelloFresh - the Banbury food packing plant in Chalker Way. Picture by GoogleHelloFresh - the Banbury food packing plant in Chalker Way. Picture by Google
HelloFresh - the Banbury food packing plant in Chalker Way. Picture by Google

The company responded to complaints by a Grimsbury resident who wrote to the Banbury Guardian describing hairnets, food packaging and other rubbish lying on the streets. The householder believes the litter has been thrown down by staff at the packing plant.

The resident, who did not want to be named, said: "They walk down between the factory and the railway station. A lot of them eat food as they walk along and throw the packaging on the floor. My friend picks up what he can but it is an endless, thankless task.

"Could the management of HelloFresh be asked to advise their employees to remove their hairnets before leaving the premises? It is not good for the environment to have their discarded rubbish thrown about. Nor is it fair to residents who through no fault of their own find their properties may be devalued for suddenly looking like they are in a slum.

"Perhaps as a goodwill gesture the management of HelloFresh could arrange to come out onto the streets of Grimsbury and do a litter pick.

"If the problem persists perhaps the police could patrol the area at change of shift times and issue a few fines for littering? Surely in these uncertain times they should be glad to have a job and respect the town that is providing their employment."

A spokesman for HelloFresh said: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do not condone littering of any kind and have instructed HelloFresh litter pickers to conduct a sweep of the area in question whilst we reiterate our stance on this matter to staff members.

"We have strict training procedures in place which include guidelines regarding the discarding of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with employees instructed to use the designated bins provided on site."

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