Banbury Community Action Group hosts successful seed swap event

The Banbury Community Action Group (CAG) hosted a successful seed swap event last weekend at the Bridge Street community garden.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 11:24 pm
Updated Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 11:26 pm
Zsofia Buda and Tim Jones, who are volunteers for both Banbury CAG and Banbury Trees, dropped off a few trees at the Banbury seed swap event held last weekend

The two-day event held at the community garden saw many seeds, seedlings and other plants exchanged. And as many as 40 young trees grown by volunteers were taken away by people who wanted to plant them in their gardens or allotments.

The trees were free, and some were left over from the event, which included some horse chestnut, oak, and sweet chestnut trees. The event was also co-hosted by the local group, Banbury Trees.

Anyone interested in a tree to plant in their garden can contact organisers at the following email: [email protected]

Tila Rogriguez-Past, with the Banbury Trees group, helped pass out trees to people at the seed swap event hosted by Banbury CAG

Tila Rogriguez-Past, with the Banbury Trees group, said: "I volunteer for Banbury Trees because I’m very anxious about the climate crisis.

"Planting a mix of native trees helps the local ecology and helps sequester carbon from the atmosphere over time. A single oak tree, for example, can host hundreds of native animal species.

"I feel empowered when working alongside other community members. I would like to be involved in planting several community woodlands in and around Banbury.

"Growing trees from seed gives me hope for the future and helps raise awareness of environmental issues amongst the local community too.”

Wendy and her daughters Ellie, Bella and Arienne collecting a birch sapling to plant at home at the seed swap event hosted by the Banbury CAG
Karl Kwiatkowski collecting two trees to plant at his garden at the seed and seedling swap event in Banbury