Banbury area man launches crowdfunding campaign to help Ukrainian refugees

A 20-year-old Deddington man is using a crowdfunding campaign to travel to the Przemyśl Ukrainian Refugee Camp to deliver a transit van full of supplies for refugees

By Matt Elofson
Thursday, 10th March 2022, 8:37 am

Fynn Watt from Deddington near Banbury plans to travel to the Przemyśl Ukrainian Refugee Camp to deliver a transit van full of supplies for refugees. He has launched an online JustGiving fundraising page to help cover the costs of the journey, and pay for supplies for the refugees.

He has raised £3,865 or his £5,000 fundraising target for the journey.

You can donate to Fynn's campaign to support the Przemyśl Ukrainian Refugee Camp using the following web link:

Fynn Watt from Deddington is raising £5,000 to directly support the Przemyśl Ukrainian Refugee Camp

He outlined his mission on on the JustGiving web page.

Fynn said: "On Friday (11th March) I'm leaving England in a transit van and driving to Vienna, Austria to meet up with a group of international civil servants who are running a 24/7 mission to deliver donations from Vienna to Przemyśl, Poland which is the city closest to the Ukranian border in which refugees have been fleeing to for the last few weeks since the invasion of Ukraine.

"The team out there have been working non-stop finding out exactly what the refugee camps need, reporting back to the Vienna HQ, driving these up the next morning and then driving back to Vienna with Ukranian refugees. And then all over again the next day. Refugees they've been helping need good accommodation and help travelling further West until they find safe refuge. The mission is going well but Adam, running it, called me two days ago and said he needed help. I'm going to do the same.

"I'll be hopefully going with someone (haven't found yet, so contact me if you or others can help), we will take 4hour shifts driving the route Vienna to Przemyśl as many times as humanly possible in the days we are there.

Fynn Watt is travelling to a Ukrainian refugee camp in a transit van loaned to him by his father, Angus Watt (pictured Fynn Watt with his father, Angus Watt - Submitted photo from the family)

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"Your Donations will be for: Help with money for fuel to travel to Przemyśl with supplies and return to Vienna with Ukranian refugees, purchasing supplies the refugee camp have requested but have not been donated, accommodation for the Ukrainian refugees we bring back and spending money for the Ukranian refugees we bring back and their onward travel.

"I've been working with BAMK Ukraine mainly at home, they are amazing and to help them visit their Facebook page here:

"I'm proud to have a family that are supporting my trip but the teams around me do need some financial support. They have rented vehicles, spaces, have medical requests, food requests etc.

"With your donation I'll do everything I can to help over there for the next weeks and with groups when I'm back. Please message me any time on Facebook and ask about the last thing your donation was spent on or the group it went to and what they are buying. Total transparency.

"If you are interested in joining me, the Austria team, have any questions, or need anything please reach out to me on Facebook: Fynn Watt, they really do need people - even if you can't speak Russian, Polish or Ukranian. They need hands in Przemyśl, they needs hands for the 8pm - midnight shift.

"Thank you for your time and donations. I plan on keeping everyone updated with exactly what's it is costing so we and others from the UK can have more successful trips out there in the coming days."