Banbury area care home creates an animal wonderland in an inventive Zoo-themed transformation

Residents at a care home in Bloxham had their surroundings transformed into a zoo last week when staff decked out rooms in an exotic animal theme.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 3:56 pm
Lunchtime at Godswell was rather different with staff in animal costumes

Staff at Godswell Park showed the extent of their imagination and originality as they turned two rooms into a jungle and a polar zone.

Zoo Week included transformation of the Godswell Cinema into an arctic region complete with polar bears and penguins while one of the home's large day rooms became a jungle with monkeys, giraffes, zebras, a lion, tiger, sloth, koala bear, a whale and a dolphin. A very large cobra completed the menagerie.

The scene was accompanied by a cacophony of animal sounds. Residents were impressed by the atmospheres created. Information about the different species was displayed.

A day room is given a jungle feel when staff held a Zoo Week at Godswell Care Home

Godswell director John Wilmot said: "The staff dressed up in animal outfits on two of the five days of Zoo Week and the residents were delighted and motivated to see staff looking very different.

"Two of the monkeys escaped from the jungle and ran round the grounds and care home before being caught by members of staff and placed back in the jungle. In reality, two energetic members of the team in full monkey outfits ran riot, much to everyone's amusement," he said.

From extreme heat to arctic cold in the polar zone during Godswell's Zoo Week
Lots of work and imagination went in to the Godswell Zoo Week themed decorations
One of Godswell's day rooms is transformed during Zoo Week
Jungle animals lurk behind the bushes at Godswell