Party candidate calls on government about pensioners

Sean Woodcock
Sean Woodcock

Banbury’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Labour Party has called on the government to stop ‘conning’ pensioners with 630 people in the Banbury constituency set to receive a rise in the state pension of only 87p.

Councillor Sean Woodcock responded to a statement by the government last month about the uprating of pensions and social security benefits for 2015-16, in which they promised to maintain the so-called ‘triple-lock’ for the state pension, guaranteeing pensioners a 2.5 per cent annual increase.

But in the days following the statement they admitted that up to 1.6 million pensioners across the country will see their state pension rise by just 87p next April, rather than £2.85 which ministers first claimed.

Mr Woodcock said: “The government need to stop conning pensioners and start being open and honest about the state pension. It’s another example of the contempt the Tories have for the man or woman on the street; saying one thing and doing another.”