PARKING: Bankside fears

When are the authorities in Banbury going to take action about Bankside being used as a car park?

Two months ago there was one car parked near to Hightown Road; on the last count last week there were no fewer than 18 vehicles causing obstruction.

This is now becoming dangerous to travellers coming from the town, not to mention the buses trying to inch their way round the slight bend in the road. There is frustration also for early morning workers having to queue in what seems an endless period of time.

Where are the owners of these vehicles? Are they employees from the nearby council offices in Swan Close? If so, why are they not provided with the proper parking facilities?

It will take an accident before anyone will take any notice. In the meantime the powers that be will keep their eyes firmly closed to an accident waiting to happen.

John Jordan

Cherwell Heights

School buses: Cycling shock

I read the article regarding School bus proposals (Banbury Guardian, December 12) with some surprise and some alarm.

An officer made the suggestion of cycling on footpaths

This would contravene both the Highway Code Paragraph 64 and also Highways Act 1835 section 72, carrying a maximum penalty of £500.

This is a practice which is highly dangerous, particularly to elderly pedestrians.

Name supplied

Farmfield Road, Banbury

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