Parachuting for charity takes a personal twist

Tyler Kelly, Emma Kinnerley and Simon Osborn NNL-160822-130621001
Tyler Kelly, Emma Kinnerley and Simon Osborn NNL-160822-130621001

Three employees of a Banbury company are taking the plunge for charity, and for one of them the cause has taken on a whole new meaning.

Simon Osborn, Tyler Kelly and Emma Kinnerley, of TGL, will be strapped to a trained professional skydiver and thrown out of an aeroplane at an altitude of between 11 and 13 thousand feet all to raise money for three very special causes.

Emma, who will be parachuting for the very first time is raising money for Prostrate Cancer UK said: “I’m excited about the jump. I’m raising money for prostate research as my father had it and died five years ago.”

Automotive components firm TGL has promised to fund match the amount the three raise. They are targeting a total of £1,200.

Tyler, who has a self-confessed fear of heights and is also a first-time parachutist is raising money for the Katharine House Hospice. Tyler said: “My grandad died quite a few years back and the Katharine House Hospice were good to him.”

Simon is the veteran of the group having one previous jump under his belt. He has been raising money for Epilepsy Research UK for the last five years.

Simon said: “My friends little boy was born with severe epilepsy that’s why I started trying to highlight it a little bit more.”

However in a strange twist of fate Simon too was diagnosed with the condition just last year.

He said: “Just last year it came on. There was no history of it in the family. I just woke up in the morning and had had multiple fits in the night.”

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