Oxfordshire County Council elections '“ who's standing in your area?

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In less than two weeks, voters in the Banbury Guardian area will be going to the polls to vote for who they want to represent them on Oxfordshire County Council, Warwickshire County Council and Northants County Council.

The county council elections will be held on May 4 and, in Oxfordshire, all 63 seats are up.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm.

The current composition of Oxfordshire County Council following the 2013 election and by-elections is 31 Conservative seats, 15 Labour seats, 11 Liberal Democrat seats, four Independent seats and two Green seats.

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The 2013 election was the first in which 63 seats were contested following a boundary review.

In previous elections there had been 74 county council seats.

A total of 32 seats are required for one political party to gain an overall majority at the county council.

The candidates on OCC for the Banbury Guardian area are:

>Banbury Calthorpe – Bernard Geoffrey Dod (Green), Brent Jackson (Lib Dem), Eddie Reeves (Con), Joe Walsh (Lab);

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> Banbury Grimsbury and Castle – Hannah Banfield (Lab), Jack Barton (Green), Paul Sargent (Con), Dave Wiles (Lib Dem), Jason Williams (UKIP);

> Banbury Hardwick – Andy Aris (Green), Sara Corr (UKIP), Alistair Craig (Lib Dem), Surinder Dhesi (Lab), Tony Ilott (Con);

> Banbury Ruscote – David Beverly (Con), Mark Cherry (Lab), Christopher Manley (Green), Bette Melling (Lib Dem), Linda Wren (UKIP);

> Bloxham and Easington – Susan Christie (Lab), Brian Crockett (UKIP), Peter Davis (Lib Dem), Non Wyn Kinchin-Smith (Green), Kieron Mallon (Con);

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> Charlbury and Wychwood – Celia Kerslake (Green), Liz Leffman (Lib Dem), Sian O’Neill (Lab), Rodney Rose (Con);

> Chipping Norton – Hilary Biles (Con), Andy Graham (Lib Dem), Claire Lasko (Green), Geoff Saul (Lab), Jim Stanley (UKIP);

> Deddington – Aaron Bliss (Green), Arash Fatemian (Con), Alan Harris (UKIP), Annette Murphy (Lab), Ian Thomas (Lib Dem);

> Ploughley – Dickie Bird (UKIP), Ian Corkin (Con), Catherine Fulljames (Ind), Dillie Keane (Lib Dem), Jenny Tamblyn (Green), Steven Uttley (Lab).

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> Woodstock – Dave Baldwin, (Lab), David Chanter (Green), Julian Cooper (Lib Dem), Ian Hudspeth (Con);

> Wroxton and Hook Norton – Anne Felicia Cullen (Lab), Shaun Greenslade-Hibbert (Green), George Reynolds (Con), Julian Woodward (Lib Dem).

In Warks County Council, the local candidates are:

>Feldon – Pat Hotson (Green), Matthew Panton (Lab), Bob Stevens (Con), Bev Veasey-Walshe (Lib Dem);

> Kineton and Red Horse – Rob Ballantyne (Green), Edward Fila (UKIP), Patrick Jenkins (Lab), Laura Steele (Lib Dem), Chris Williams (Con);

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> Shipston – Jo Barker (Con), Roger Billins (Lib Dem), John Hartigan (Lab), Dave Passingham (Green);

> Stour and the Vale – Dean Jones (Green), Izzi Seccombe (Con), Jan Sewell (Lab), Di Walden (Lib Dem);

> Wellesbourne – James Briggs (Lab), Roger Fisher (Green), David Johnston (Lib Dem), Anne Parry (Con), Frank Rietz (UKIP).

At Northants County Council, all 57 seats are up for election.

Candidates standing in the south Northants area include:

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> Brackley – Fiona Baker (Con), Mark Hedges (Lib Dem), Sophie Johnson (Lab), Nigel Wickens (UKIP);

> Middleton Cheney – Mark Allen (Lib Dem), Rebecca Breese (Con), Richard Solesbury-Timms (Lab)

> Silverstone – Anna Mills (Lib Dem), Ian Morris (Con), Adrian Scandrett (Lab);

> Woodford and Weedon – Callum Batchelor (Lab), Robin Brown (Con), Simon Lytton (Lib Dem).

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For all the local elections, it is too late for apply for a postal vote.

But anyone wishing to appoint someone to vote on their behalf (by proxy) have until 5pm on April 25 to nominate someone.

Forms are available from Cherwell District Council, South Northants Council and Stratford-on-Avon District Council.