Matt Adcock’s film review: Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2

“I thought we would be safe forever. But “forever” isn’t as long as I’d hoped.”

By The Newsroom
Monday, 19th November 2012, 6:14 pm

Here it is then – the ‘epic’ end to the Twilight Saga. The supernatural film series that has limped along in highly unconvincing fashion, pleasing many girls and alienating many guys along the way.

Fans of Team Jacob and/or Team Edward finally get to see how it ends for pouty and now red-eyed Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), her sparkly skin oddball vampire hubby Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and bad boy, often-shirtless teenwolf type Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner),

Is it any good? Well, despite an unpromisingly miserable and criminally dull Part 1, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 actually manages to be the ‘least bad’ of the whole franchise.

I asked my son’s girlfriend Aimee – a self-confessed fan of Twilight – for a female reaction to the film. She said: “It was fantastic, just brilliant!” – so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I say!?

The plot revolves around Bella’s new half human/half vampire baby Renesmee whose existence is apparently a crime to the vampire overseeing council The Voluturi.

The only hope for a happy ending seems to be for the lead trio to assemble a team of witnesses from around the world who can vouch that the young offspring won’t herald the end of vampire-kind.

Cue a weird bunch of blood suckers, each with handy X-Men like powers, getting together to try and convince the Volturi not to massacre the baby and our teen heroes.

Along the way we get to witness Bella learning to use her powers, and now she and Edward are morally free to spend most of the time in bed together.

Wolf boy Jacob adds to the tension by ‘imprinting’ on the baby girl whose accelerated growth rate means that she can become a viable love interest for him by the end of the film. Doesn’t make it feel right, though.

Fans of the books might also be in for a shock as a wholesale plot diversion sees the Cullens, their friendly werewolves and witness pals having a mass brawl with the baddie Volturi who themselves have special powered vamps such as Jane (Dakota Fanning) who can hurt people with her mind.

It’s a bold move and by far the most exciting ten minutes of all five films!