UPDATE: Farthinghoe’s Percy has mercy

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Farthinghoe residents rallied around to defend the honour of a long standing resident.

Following an exhaustive petition campaign both online and in written form located at the Fox Inn, Percy the peacock’s resident status is now safe.

The Fox Inn, de facto home of Percy the Peacock in Farthinghoe NNL-170109-154228001

The Fox Inn, de facto home of Percy the Peacock in Farthinghoe NNL-170109-154228001

Percy the Peacock has resided in the picturesque village for the past decade and has become much a part of village life as the chime of the Parish Church bells or the local school.

There had been, however, a recent complaint about his behaviour believed to have been submitted to the Parish Council and later to the County Council.

We are pleased to report that the complainant has now had a change of heart and any objections to Percy have been withdrawn.

Percy has been granted mercy.

While residents are in no doubt that sometimes during the wee hours he can be heard hooting and hollering residents were perplexed that such natural behaviour should be the cause of an official complaint.

Since turning up in the village ten years ago from places unknown, Percy has made the Fox Inn his preferred stomping ground and as such it became the de facto headquarters for the Mercy for Percy campaign .

After less than 24 hours the online petition amassed over 900 signatures and following the weekend had reached almost 1,500 with support for Percy seemingly universal.

Online comments included “One person shouldn’t hold sway over a village. If Percy has been there 10 years he must have some rights! Power to Percy. “

While another commented: “We live rural, its natural to have wild life noises, one peacock, can surely make little difference. Sad.”

The sentiment was mirrored in the Fox Inn, ran for the last two years by Neil Bellingham.

He said: “He’s not ours but he’s quite a local character. He’ll sit and watch people as they eat.

“He can be quite loud but generally people like to see him around the pub.”

Percy was still unavailable for comment.