Royal couple may live in Banburyshire


While Royal supporters look forward to a spectacular wedding on Saturday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may end up being Banburyshire residents.

Actress Ms Markle is said to have held her hen party at Soho Farmhouse outside Great Tew.

And it is rumoured that she and her Prince are considering taking on an old Great Tew Estate farmhouse, Beaconsfield Farm, to do up.

The farm, described as a Roman Villa, is marketed at £943,000 and said to be in need of total renovation, has gone up in value by £4,500 in the last month, according to Zoopla.

It is close to properties owned by David and Victoria Beckham and a stone’s throw from Soho Farmhouse which offers wealthy and celebrity members discreet restaurant, fitness and club activities away from prying eyes.

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