Octogenarian pens book on life in Great Tew

A long-time writer of short stories and poems has just published his first book which details his life and times in the rural village of Great Tew.

Sunday, 17th September 2017, 7:51 am

Tony Clifton’s book, entitled ‘A Way of Life: Memories of Great Tew’, covers 70 years from his birth in the village to his decades-long work on the Great Tew estate and surrounding land.

Tony has writing for some time but the 200-page illustrated book represents his first foray into publishing.

Tony said: “I’ve always done a bit of writing; always liked writing, poetry, things like that.

“I came up with the idea ‘perhaps I’ll try to write a book about my life’. That’s what it is, more or less; that and the village.”

Tony has been much-involved in the community of Great Tew, having been the chairman of its parish council for 25 years, in addition to his work on the Great Tew estate. He has seen great changes in the way village life has evolved.

The 85-year-old said: “Years ago, you would know everyone in the village, you’d know everyone by name but I wouldn’t now anyone now. It’s changed that much, but I suppose all villages are the same.”

Tony launched the book last Wednesday during a book-signing session at the Tew Centre organised by the Reverend Ginny Thomas.

Tony has sold 40 copies already from an initial print run of 200 and interest in the book has come from far and wide.

Tony added: “It’s also in the Banbury Museum. We’ve had a request to put it in the University libraries of Cambridge, Oxford , a college in Dublin and the national library of Scotland and Wales. They’ve all got a copy of it now.”

If you would like buy a copy of ‘A Way of Life’, contact the Banbury Guardian for more information.

The book costs £10.