Norbar employee’s decade of fundraising for Katharine House Hospice recognised

Jenny Hanks (left) with Nina Baker for the �9,000 cheque presentation NNL-180312-153236001
Jenny Hanks (left) with Nina Baker for the �9,000 cheque presentation NNL-180312-153236001

A Norbar employee has been quietly raising money for the Katharine House Hospice for a decade, initially as a commitment to helping her local hospice.

Jenny Hanks has now raised £9,000 for KHH through a number of self-run events.

“I have always liked to sponsor a charity close to my heart and that’s the one I started with,” she said.

Jenny’s commitment to the hospice took a significant turn well into her fundraising endeavours.

“My husband passed away in there five years ago and they do look after you,” she said.

“He was in there for 56 days and they looked after him very well, it’s a very nice place.”

Jenny’s path to generating thousands of pounds used tried and tested fundraising events with friends and family.

“I started off with jumble sales then I changed to bingo and I always do a raffle before and sell the tickets in advance as that’s how I make the money,” she said.

“Working at Norbar they are always very good and have a pound a strip.”

Jenny’s bingo events take place at the Burchester Place hall and attract up to 50 participants.

Despite many years of organising bingo events, however, she has had the occasional slip up.

Jenny has also given her time to the hospice during some of their annual events.

“I did some marshalling for the Midnight Walk for the first five or six years,” she said.

“Me and my friend did it then I did it by myself. I used to go at 10pm and come home about 6am or 7am.

“It was nice because all of the times I did it, it never rained.”

Jenny presented a large cheque for £9,000 to the charity in recognition for her efforts.

“I wish I had kept a record. I know I have raised over £9,000, so I’ve done very well,” she said.