New chapters in reading for academy bookworms

World Book Night at Banbury Academy
World Book Night at Banbury Academy

Students at Banbury Academy celebrated their love of reading by taking part in the national World Book Night.

Free books donated by the Reading Agency gave the pupils a selection of three different books from comedy, crime to romance.

They included the popular titles Water For Elephants, Moaning Of Life and Prime Suspect.

An academy spokesman said: “Before the first morning break was over, all the books were snapped up which shows the enthusiasm of our students for reading.

What made this event extra special was for many of our students this might have been the first time they have owned their own book, which once they have finished they are encouraged to discuss and pass on to their friends.”

Not just free books were given away - other events took place during and after school to mark the night.

In the library, during the event on Thursday, April 23, students matched up book covers to blurbs and enjoyed reading their new books.

After school the academy screened the The Book Thief and discussed whether students preferred the film or the book. The response was mixed!

The spokesman added: “We actively encourage our students to read and at Banbury Academy one of our main aims is to create a literacy environment whereby our students develop not only their language skills but also a love of reading.

“By bringing the library outside to our students we attracted a large crowd of boys and girls who are now reading a book which they might have never picked up before.”