New Breed Wrestling Association brings grappling back to Banbury

Street Punk Tony prowls the ring at NBWA Homecoming 4
Street Punk Tony prowls the ring at NBWA Homecoming 4

The Homecoming 4 show was held at Banbury United

The New Breed Wrestling Association (NBWA), of Banbury, held its Homecoming 4 event at Banbury United Football Ground this past Saturday.

The event was well turned out with both young and old enthusiastically booing and cheering their favourite wrestlers.

Michelle, a first time attendee, said: “ It’s really good. There’s some hot guys. The wrestlers are really friendly and stopped and said hi to my son.”

James, another newbie to the world of wrestling shows said: “Its brilliant and quite a good laugh. I would definitely come next time.”

In all, seven bouts, including a woman’s match, were fought.

Title holder Dan ‘The Man’ Tucker kicked off events winning his bout against ‘The Polish Punisher’ Mika, to retain the NBWA Cruiserweight Title. ‘Oldschool’ Kirk Langley was up next defeating the brave Elliott Jordan. Tag team action followed with TJ Sky and Chris Drew eventually defeating the team the crowd loved to hate in Jesse Jones and Street Punk Tony.

The women’s bout was contested by Lady Lucy Becksworth and Nightshade, with the win going to Lady Lucy.

The penultimate match pitted crowd favourite, ‘The Aztec Curse’ Sancho Cortez against Lance Lawrence with Sancho Cortez crowned the winner.

Finally all the male wrestlers returned for a good old fashioned ‘rope rumble’ with ‘Oldschool’ Kirk Langley winning and cementing his place as number the one contender.

Chris Baxter, founder of the NBWA, said: “Epic show tonight. Thank you to all in attendance and being so loud you were perfect this is why we love the New Breed Wrestling Association; NBWA fans.”