NBWA plan to put Banbury on the global wrestling map

Banbury's only wrestling company will host its first event to be broadcast worldwide following last years online TV deal with an American-based combat sports broadcaster.

Love Island's Alex 'Flex' Maxted NNL-170103-133933001
Love Island's Alex 'Flex' Maxted NNL-170103-133933001

New Breed Wrestling Association (NBWA) will stage its first wrestling show to be aired online via fite.tv next Saturday, February 3 at the brilliantly named Cupid’s Chokehold event.

Chris Baxter, founder of NBWA, explained the: “I went to watch a show in Leicester and they’re on the same network. I know the promoter and asked if he wouldn’t mind if I sent them (fite.tv) an email to see if we could get on it as well.

He added: “The instant reply was ‘yes, we’d love to have you on’.”

Kay Jutler of the NBWA NNL-161116-094856001

The deal will bring NBWA a modest cash injection which will be ploughed back into bigger and more spectacular shows as well as affording the club new training equipment.

The biggest benefit, however, will be the ability to grow their ever-increasing fan base, market themselves to a worldwide audience and put NBWA and Banbury well and truly on the wrestling map.

Mitch Lee, NBWA’s financial director,said: “It’s opening it up to the global market at the end of the day. “

“It’s a niche market but it’s a niche market in countries around the world, it’s not limited. By appealing to that global market you’re always going to have those niches that are looking for that kind of entertainment.”

Kay Jutler of the NBWA NNL-161116-094856001

Fite.tv are an American based online combat sports streaming service that features boxing, wrestling, mixed martial arts and kick boxing from across the globe and have broadcast almost 500 live events to date.

Mitch added: “We’re relying on them to some extent with their broadcasting expertise and fan base to then benefit us. It’s a sort of hand in hand thing, it’s a good setup.”

Founded in February 2013 NBWA has steadily grown and now trains roughly 20 wrestlers at the EP Gym on the Riverside Business Park. Their shows, too have become more elaborate hosted at bigger venues and there next show,

They featured reality TV star Adam Maxted from ITV’s Love Island at a show last year and see the added online exposure via fite.tv as a natural evolution.

Jodie Childs, NBWA’s director of logistics, said: “If a singer wants to get noticed but they don’t have the time or capacity to tour the country busking they put their video on Youtube.”

Chris added: “It wouldn’t surprise me if there are scouts from all over the world watching shows on fite.tv.

“It’s looking good.”

Cupid’s Chokehold will take place in Banbury Academy’s Wykham Hall on Ruskin Road on Saturday, February 3. Doors open at 5.30pm with the action kicking off at 6pm.

To get tickets and find out who is on the bill click here.

To find out more about NBWAs upcoming events visit their Facebook page.