Mystery ‘Banksy’ style painting appears in Banbury town centre

The mystery wall paniting in Butchers Row, Banbury
The mystery wall paniting in Butchers Row, Banbury

An anonymous creative mind who has acquired a shop in Butchers Row, behind Banbury High Street, has got people talking as he has commissioned a ‘Banksy-style’ painting on the outside wall.

The painting appeared on Sunday and since then it has caused quite a stir in the community.

The man, who has not yet revealed what his intentions for the shop are, said: “It’s created so much attention, it’s unreal.”

But it is clear the man comes in peace. He said: “It’s just a creative new project I’m working on to benefit Banbury and the surrounding areas.”

Curious residents should keep their eyes open as he will be releasing more clues around town throughout the week.

James Gooby on Facebook said: “Found it in Butchers Row yesterday morning! Saw a guy in a grey hoodie, yellow gloves walking out of the ally, didn’t think much of it as there has been a lot of building work going on, but noticed paint was still “fresh”! Huge amount of detail even down to a defect in the wall he has placed the “woman’s” eye to cover it! Looks amazing!”

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