Musical twins set to raise the church roof in Burton Dassett

Seb and Jess Foxwell will be performing for 24 hours at Burton Dassett church NNL-170522-094936001
Seb and Jess Foxwell will be performing for 24 hours at Burton Dassett church NNL-170522-094936001

A brother and sister musical duo will be performing for 24 hours straight to raise money for the Birmingham Children’s Hospital after one of the twins suffered a hand injury that could have ended his future in music.

Twins Seb and Jess Foxwell, aged 12, have been keen and talented musicians since they were just four years old but a simple trip and fall when Seb was just six could have ended any chance of a career in music before it had even began. Seb said: “One afternoon I was running through to the lounge to play my mum a piano piece and as I was running through the hall I tripped over and my finger went under the door. There was blood everywhere.

“We went to the doctors and they put butterfly stitches on it and said it should be fine.”

Fine, however, it was not and months later Seb was still unable to bend the finger or touch his thumb and index finger together so the family went back to the hospital.

Seb said: “They told me I had severed a tendon in that finger.”

In fact Seb had severed both tendons in the index finger of his left hand and after an unsuccessful operation to fix it at Walsgrave Hospital in Coventry, he was referred to the specialist unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital where he underwent a further five operations over a two-month period.

Lisa, the twins’ mother, said: “I remember the first appointment at the children’s hospital with hand surgeon Andrea Jester and she said ‘this is not going to be an easy job and it is going to be staged surgery’.”

In addition to the complex surgery, preventing an active six year old damaging the tendon during lengthy post-op rehabilitation was another hurdle to overcome.

Lisa said: “We home tutored him and kept him off school completely just to reduce the risk. He didn’t go out to play, wasn’t allowed to go and climb or play on the trampoline or do anything for months and months.”

The frequent visits to the children’s hospital also had an effect on Seb’s sister Jess.

Lisa said: “When she was at the hospital waiting for Seb to come around from anaesthetic she got really upset at the amount of really sick children you come across when you are there regularly.”

So the twins have joined forces to raise money for the hospital via a 24 hour playathon in Burton Dassett Church from 4pm on Friday, May 26 until 4pm the following day.

The pair are both virtuoso musicians and play a number of instruments. Jess will be performing on the flute, piccolo and piano while Seb will perform songs on the trumpet and piano.

Throughout the marathon event the public are welcome to come in and give moral support, donate to the cause and listen to the twins, both members of the National Children’s Orchestra, play everything from Beethoven to Billy Joel.

Surgeon Andrea Jester will also be lending her support by visiting the twins at 10am on Saturday May 27.

Church volunteers will also be providing refreshments throughout the 24 hour period.

Upon completion the twins one and only aim, aside from raising as much as they can for this fantastic cause, was both predictable and well deserved.

“Sleep” they said in unison.

To sponsor the pair visit their JustGiving page.