‘Mr Pothole’ is ready to take action on Banburyshire roads

Mr Pothole, Mark Morrell, with potholes between Greatworth and Halse. NNL-180503-160407009
Mr Pothole, Mark Morrell, with potholes between Greatworth and Halse. NNL-180503-160407009

Banburyshire has been promised help in its battle to get its disintegrating roads repaired.

The man who has become the country’s pothole expert, Mark Morrell – otherwise known as Mr Pothole – says he is prepared to take legal action against the highways authority to address the dangers road users are facing.

Mr Morrell has vowed to serve ‘Section 56’ notices on Oxfordshire County Council if roads that are ‘out of repair’ are not fixed.

His promise comes after Northamptonshire County Council started to repair surfaces on two Banburyshire roads rather than face ‘Mr Pothole’ in court.

“I am going to be touring the Banbury area to inspect and record videos of roads nominated by Banbury Guardian readers on the paper’s Facebook page as ‘out of repair’,” he said.

“The ones that came up repeatedly on the Facebook thread were the Esso garage roundabout in Grimsbury, Bloxham Road, Highlands, Bankside and many others.

“I don’t mind how many notices I serve but first I will put in formal complaints about the roads to give them the chance to make them good.”

Mr Morrell said the Esso garage roundabout is bad for vehicles and for anyone on a cycle or motorbike.

The damaged surface is a big risk to vehicle suspension systems and the effects of the ruts on steering systems are especially harsh, he said.

“On a roundabout like that you have the combined distraction of looking out for oncoming vehicles and trying to avoid serious potholes,” he said.

“The damage to suspension is far worse when the steering is engaged going round. The new ‘run-flat’ tyres do not give as much cushioning and when damage from potholes occurs it is a big problem as many of these cars don’t carry spares.

“I am certain I can serve a notice on that piece of road.”

*Mr Morrell has asked nominations for the ‘worst road in Banburyshire’ be posted on the Banbury Guardian Facebook page or email editorial@banbury guardian.co.uk