MP warns elderly of scams

Sir Tony Baldry MP
Sir Tony Baldry MP

Banbury MP Sir Tony Baldry has issued a warning to the elderly to beware of scams.

Sir Tony said pensioners were the target of a scam where phone calls are made purporting to be from a bank.

“A constituent received a call purporting to be from Santander, telling her to call back on the number on her bank card,” he said.

“She hung up, redialled and, believing she was speaking to her own bank, gave information about her accounts. The fraudsters had kept her telephone line open yet she thought she was talking to her bank.”

The fraudsters said her funds may be at risk and sent a taxi to take her to her bank to move them to a new account set up in her name. It was a fraudulent account controlled by criminals. Sir Tony said neither Santander, Lloyds Bank nor the Finaicial Ombudsman would investigate.

He is now taking the matter up with the Deputy Chief Constable as, apart from issuing a crime number, he said the police had not actually done anything further.