MP defends decision to right Wikipedia wrongs

BANBURY MP Tony Baldry has strongly defended his decision to make changes to his Wikipedia biography, saying information posted on the web-based encyclopedia was inaccurate and libellous.

The Sunday Telegraph ran an article at the weekend headlined 'MPs, Wikipedia and the mystery editors sneakily rewriting history'.

The piece referred to Mr Baldry and changes that had been made to his biographical pages on the website.

Mr Baldry said: "In the run up to the General Election, I was made aware that an anonymous blogger had gone on to Wikipedia and made a number of entries relating to me which were inaccurate, false and defamatory.

"I asked one of my team to go on to Wikipedia and do no more than make sure the entries were factually correct. My researcher went on under the name of Tony Baldry, you can't get more transparent than that.

"It was completely clear that the relevant amendments were being requested by or on my behalf.

"So I see no justification in the Sunday Telegraph alleging that I have behaved 'sneakily'."

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