Motorists complain of buses on school run

A Stagecoach bus negotiates the Courtington Lane junction showing how many parked cars are in the area
A Stagecoach bus negotiates the Courtington Lane junction showing how many parked cars are in the area

Stagecoach bus company has promised action to ensure its drivers do not force cars to drive on the pavement.

The company took immediate action after receiving a complaint from Simon Wratton of Chipperfield Park Road estate, Bloxham about drivers’ behaviour during the peak rush hour.

Mr Wratton, who has two children at Bloxham Primary School, said the problem of buses causing a danger while children are walking to school happened every day at 8.45am in Courtington Lane, Bloxham.

He said: “I wrote to Stagecoach after seeing something that happens at least twice every week when their bus comes down Courtlington Lane past a line of parked cars on the bus’s side of the road.

“On this occasion the bus approached the bottom section of the road near Tadmarton Road. The driver could clearly see a line of traffic who had the right of way coming up the road from the school crossing.

“The bus driver could have pulled into a space at The Avenue to allow traffic with the right of way to pass but decided to continue down and block the road up.

“At this point the driver just sat and gesticulated that he could not reverse his vehicle and forced the cars coming the other way to fully mount the pavement and drive for some 20 metres up the footpath with all four wheels on the path, an action that is not only illegal but also puts the lives of small children at risk as they are walked to school in the morning.”

Mr Wratton said not all coach drivers are inconsiderate but ‘more than one’ has the attitude ‘my bus is bigger than your car so I will not move’.

He called on Stagecoach to do something before a child was badly injured in the area.

He said the bus drivers were ignoring the highway code instruction to give way to oncoming vehicles before passing parked cars.

Karen Coventry, business development manager for Stagecoach in Oxford, said “Safety is of paramount importance to us and we have taken this matter very seriously.

“Stagecoach operates a service from Banbury to Bloxham at 8.30am to take children to Warriner School. The service uses Courtington Lane and Tadmarton Road to come back to Bloxham Church and return to Banbury at 8.47am. A number of regular passengers use this service. We have spent time looking at alternatives but there is no other safe turning point in Bloxham. We will be monitoring this situation closely and expect our drivers to drive with extreme care and attention”.