Mother’s heartfelt thanks after appeal

Jasper Steele, from Banbury, wearing his new helmet. NNL-151027-130101009
Jasper Steele, from Banbury, wearing his new helmet. NNL-151027-130101009

The mother of Jasper Steele said she ‘fell to the floor in tears’ after the generosity of Banbury residents meant her son was fitted with a special helmet after being diagnosed with flat head syndrome.

Kylie Hill and her partner Johnny Steele first made an appeal to Banbury Guardian readers last month after their seven-month-old son was diagnosed with the condition and that the NHS wouldn’t fund a helmet to help with his development.

Now nearly a month on, the £2,000 target has been surpassed with a final tot al of £2,900 – thanks to an incredble anonymous donation of £2,000. Jasper was finally fitted with his brightly coloured helmet on October 14, which will improve the symmetry of his skull.

Miss Hill, of Edinburgh Way in Banbury, said: “It means the absolute world to me that people in Banbury and my friends and family have made this possible. I was doing lots of fundraising to try and reach the amount because we had a deadline to get the money raised and thought we were not going to do it.

“I came down downstairs one morning to check the Just Giving page and saw the amount.

“I fell on the floor in tears as it was three days before we needed the money and thought we were not going to have enough. I had to ask other people to check it was right!”

Since having the helmet fitted, the couple have been up to Coventry three times in the last two weeks for check ups and so far doctors have said little Jasper is doing really well.

Flat Head Syndrome, also known as plagiocephaly or brachycephaly, refers to when a baby develops a flattened head when they are a few months old.

The specially designed helmet, known as cranial orthoses, aims to improve the symmetry of his skull.

Miss Hill said she would like the lady who made the donation to come forward so she can thank her personally.

She said: “All I know is that the lady is from the area but I want to personally meet her to say thank you very much. The donation was just signed ‘from a well-wisher’.

“We really did not expect to get the amount so quickly, it is a massive weight lifted off our shoulders.

“Jasper has to wear the helmet every day apart from a half-hour break and even then he cries because he likes wearing it.