'˜Most famous cat in Banbury': Morrisons cat Cleo found dead after family appeal

A much-loved Banbury cat which brightened many Morrisons shoppers' day over the years was sadly found dead this morning (Thursday, May 10).

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 10th May 2018, 1:46 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:13 am
Cleo the Morrisons Cat. Photo: Ray Clif NNL-181005-133805001
Cleo the Morrisons Cat. Photo: Ray Clif NNL-181005-133805001

Cleo, known by many as ‘The Morrisons Cat’, could often be found sat on the bench outside the supermarket on Swan Close Road, loving the attention from staff and customers.

The 17-year-old cat’s owner put out an appeal on Facebook on Tuesday as she had gone missing, prompting help and best wishes from many worried users hoping she was safe.

Cleo as a kitten NNL-181005-133650001

But this morning Cleo was found close to her home on nearby Lamb’s Crescent as she had died seemingly peacefully.

Owner Sasha Chappell said: “It’s really sad, she was a much loved cat.

“It was nicer for her to go quietly and peacefully, smelling the fresh air – as long as she wasn’t in pain which I don’t think she was.

“She was like the most cat famous cat in Banbury, she was so special, there’s no other cat that brought so much joy to so many people.”

Cleo was described as 'the most famous cat in Banbury' NNL-181005-133711001

The supermarket staff responsible for collecting the trolleys were particularly fond of Cleo, Sasha said, with one man in tears after hearing the sad news.

“A big thank you to the trolley men, one in particular loved her like she was his child and she was more their cat than ours,” she said.

“He would stroke her every morning and make sure she was okay.”

Sasha said she is thinking of getting a plaque made in Cleo’s memory to go on the bench, which she hopes Morrisons will allow.

Cleo in the snow NNL-181005-133700001

Sasha’s partner Richard Mouat, who put the appeal out on Facebook, said: “Her favourite food was tuna but would often bring the odd mouse home to play with, she didn’t like to eat them just let them go, the mice would always run under the fridge resulting in me poking them with a broom handle to get them out.”

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Cleo on her favourite bench outside Morrisons. Photo: Tiffany Boyle NNL-181005-133918001
Shoppers loved seeing Cleo at Morrisons. Photo: Tiffany Boyle NNL-181005-133825001
Cleo had the perfect set-up outside Morrisons, with a bed and food nearby. Photo: Susan Ellis NNL-181005-133815001