Mortuary-themed campaign warns of drink-driving dangers

Drink Driving Kills campaignDrink Driving Kills campaign
Drink Driving Kills campaign
A morgue is the focus of a hard-hitting campaign video that warns against drink-driving this Christmas.

The grim setting has been chosen as Thames Valley Police’s month-long campaign to reduce deaths during the festive season.

The force hopes the “harsh realities” of the video will emphasise the potentially fatal consequences of getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

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Road Safety Sgt Chris Appleby said: “If you drink and drive, you are putting your own life and those of others in danger.

“Death is the ultimate price to be paid. Nobody should need to be told that drink-driving, along with drug-driving, is totally irresponsible but, unfortunately, every year we continue to have needless deaths as a result of it, so we need to keep sending the message, and we hope this year’s campaign based around the theme of a mortuary will help persuade anybody foolish enough to be tempted to drink and drive that, quite simply, #ItsNotWorthTheRisk.”

During the 2014 drink-drive reduction campaign, 108 arrests were made in Buckinghamshire. There were around 9,000 breath tests in total during this period.

Mr Appleby added: “Every year, police officers have to walk up to front doors, ask to come inside, sit people down and deliver the devastating news that their loved one has been killed in a drink-drive road crash.

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“It’s terrible but it’s something that happens year in, year out despite it being completely avoidable.

“If you drink-drive and end up killing someone, if not yourself too, consider the impact your irresponsible actions are having on the victim’s family – their parents, sister, brother, husband, wife, children.

“And even if they survive, hundreds of people every year have serious injuries – many of which are life-changing – think of the impact you are having on them.

“The simplest and safest option for everyone is simply not to drink if you plan to drive.”

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There were 10 people were killed on the roads in Hampshire and Thames Valley in 2014.

A further 108 people were seriously injured, and 266 sustained slight injuries. 
The Joint Roads Policing Unit (RPU) will conduct random drink/speed and seatbelt checks at all times of the day and night across Thames Valley and Hampshire until January 1.