Modern technology adds a new dimension

Members of the Chenderit School iPad group in Middleton Cheney
Members of the Chenderit School iPad group in Middleton Cheney

Young people in South Northamptonshire are demonstrating that skills can be passed up the generations as well as down when it comes to new technology.

With a clear focus on animation, digital art and filmmaking, ‘In Our Time’ is an innovative project taking place in schools and community groups across the district, which allows youngsters to develop their skills with a tablet computer.

So far, 30 young people have taken part in the project, alongside 15 older people.

The two generations shared stories with each other, which were recorded onto the tablets.

The young people then acted as mentors , demonstrating how they work to the senior adults.

The project was made possible thanks to funding from South Northamptonshire Council and the National Lottery.

Councillor Rosie Herring said: “This has been a most worthwhile project. It is important to older citizens to be able to tell their story and important for the younger citizens to listen and learn from them.”

Clinton Osborne, director of Animation Station (the lead organisation for In Our Time), added: “Children and adults have so much to share – especially in this pivotal year of remembrance.”

Youth groups or organisations supporting elderly people that are interested in getting involved should email or contact Clinton Osbourne on 07887 953609.