Middleton Cheney vet offers free bunny check-ups

Teddy the rabbit
Teddy the rabbit

Middleton Cheney’s Mansion Hill Vets is offering free health checks for bunnies as part of National Rabbit Awareness Week which runs until June 25.

The surgery will examine any bunny for potential health problems and give advice on keeping rabbits completely free of charge.

Veterinarian nurse Tess Merry said: “Rabbits are intelligent animals that need mental stimulation to keep them happy.

“They need the company of other rabbits and as much care and attention as any other pet.

“We often see rabbits suffering from poor diets. The proper development of their teeth and digestive systems depends on getting a complex balanced diet, not just carrots and treats.

“Without getting the basics right they can suffer severe lifelong issues such as dental disease and diarrhoea.”

Rabbits are one of the UK’s most popular pets with an estimated 1.5 million in hutches across the land. Typically a rabbit will lie between eight and 12 years depending upon the breed.

Tess added: “A third of rabbits aren’t fed enough hay, and over half of rabbits live alone.

“We’re hoping that by offering these free checks, owners and children will be better informed on how to feed and handle their rabbits, as well as look out for and prevent dreadful conditions such as fly strike”

To book in your big eared friend call 01295 712110.