Middleton Cheney based Asperger's support group will be out on the town this weekend

Parents Talking Asperger's founder and parent Karen IrvaniParents Talking Asperger's founder and parent Karen Irvani
Parents Talking Asperger's founder and parent Karen Irvani
Autism support group Parents Talking Asperger's (PTA) is on an awareness raising mission this Saturday.

The Middleton Cheney based group will be at The Bandstand in Banbury, between 10am and 2pm.

PTA’s core team, some of the children from PTA Junior, young people from PTA Youth, PTA Girls and PTA Arts will be handing out stickers, flyers and pens and inviting passers-by to enjoy the artwork being created, sample some home-made cupcakes, and understand the challenges and joys experienced by families living with autism.

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Founder and autism parent Karen Irvani said: “It is wonderful to have this opportunity to be out in our town spreading the word that autism is a case of being wired differently, not wrongly. We’re experiencing very exciting times at PTA and in the past couple of months alone we’ve launched three new services: PTA Witney, PTA Arts and PTA Girls. Last week we celebrated the first anniversary of our sister group Siblings Talking Asperger’s, run by inspirational autism sibling Abbi Meadows, aged 19.

“Seeing our children and young people grow in confidence and make friends is more than we could ever have asked for six years ago when we began. I am so thankful for the team of volunteers who willingly give their time and experience. We now support well over 2,000 families around Banburyshire and around Oxfordshire, but online, support families far and wide.”

For more information, find Parents Talking Asperger’s on Facebook or visit {http:// www.parents-talking-aspergers.co.uk/events|www.parents-talking-aspergers.co.uk/events|Parents Talking Asperger’s} for dates of PTA’s various events.

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