Men fined for dumping rubbish in Banbury

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Cherwell District Council logo NNL-150121-144802001

Two men who dumped six black sacks of household rubbish at a recycling bank in Banbury have each been fined £75 for flytipping.

On Monday June 27 Cherwell District Council received reports of half-a-dozen rubbish sacks which had been dumped by the glass banks in the car park of the former Admiral Holland Pub in Woodgreen Avenue.

Upon searching through the contents, investigating officers discovered paperwork containing the names and addresses of the culprits who later admitted the offence.

Cllr Debbie Pickford, Cherwell’s lead member for clean and green, said: “Our bring bank sites are provided as a place for people to deposit items for recycling, not as a location for people to dump rubbish. The irony is that in an area where people are going out of their way to help the environment, these two people were going out of their way to blight it.

“Regardless of the size of the flytip or its location, the selfish actions of a few have repercussions for so many. It spoils the area for those living nearby, detracts council staff from other duties and it is innocent taxpayers who are forced to pay for the clear up. In this instance, we have managed to track down the culprits to ensure that those responsible for the crime have been issued with the fine.”

The men were invited for an interview under caution with council officers where they separately admitted the offence. Both agreed to accept a £75 fixed penalty notice as opposed to face a prosecution in the magistrates’ court.

It is a criminal offence to illegally dispose of any rubbish in a public place, punishable by a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a magistrates’ court. The offence can attract an unlimited fine and up to five years imprisonment if convicted in a crown court.

Anyone with information about a flytip in the area should contact Cherwell District Council on 01295 227007. Calls will be treated in confidence.