Manager BIDs farewell to Banbury after just nine months

Just eight months into her reign as manager for Banbury's Business Improvement District (BID), Kate Nesbitt has left the role.

Banbury BID logo, designed by Banbury's Toast Design Agency NNL-170728-095120001
Banbury BID logo, designed by Banbury's Toast Design Agency NNL-170728-095120001

Hired in March, Mrs Nesbitt took over the reins of the newly created BID which went into operation on April 1.

The Banbury BID’s role is primarily focused on entertainment and events, and within the first eight months the BID’s ambitious open cinema proved a big hit. It has also been instrumental in finding use for vacant units within Castle Quay.

Iain Nicholson interim Banbury BID manager

In May the BID took an option to lease three vacant units for six months, opening the Creative Corner with the old town’s independents.

Mrs Nesbitt’s role has been taken over by Iain Nicholson, a town centre specialist and long-time supporter of Banbury’s independent retailers.

Mr Nicholson said: “Experience from town centres around the country is that those moving forward fastest and most sustainably are those where community, businesses, local organisations, landlords, agents and councils are working together.

“Banbury BID is very well placed to play a leading role in this team and partnerships approach for our town centre.

Kate Nesbitt who has left her role as Banbury BIDs manager NNL-180328-171210001

“I’m very much looking forward to working with our 539 levy-paying businesses and organisations to draw on their strengths, whether that be in independent or national retail, hospitality, arts and culture, salons and barbers, health, beauty and wellbeing businesses, charity and community shops and centres, churches and our property, legal and financial services firms.”

Chris Tymon, chairman of the BID, added: “Our BID manager stepped down earlier this month for personal reasons. We have appointed Iain Nicholson as interim manager for Banbury BID and he has already started work.

“Iain is known to many town centre businesses because of his association with Banbury and we are delighted to welcome such a safe pair of hands to the team.”