Mad world of Alice is a wonderful adaptation at the Mill

Rachel-Mae Brady as Alice and Luke Chadwick-Jones at the rabbit. Photo by Richard Budd
Rachel-Mae Brady as Alice and Luke Chadwick-Jones at the rabbit. Photo by Richard Budd

Lewis Carroll’s timeless classic Alice in Wonderland has been brought to Banbury’s Mill Arts Centre and I went along for myself last night (Thursday) to step inside the mad world.

Performing their first production outside of Oxford, Creation Theatre’s production of Alice takes you down a mysterious rabbit hole where she meets strange characters including the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and of course the Queen of Hearts.

As Alice realises the Queen has killed time and that it works differently in Wonderland, you follow her journey to face the evil queen and her fearsome beast The Jabberwocky.

The cast is only made up of four performers but their talents shine through as they take on different characters and work together to handle the stage props, which includes an impressive dance scene as the Cheshire cat.

Rachel-Mae Brady really warms to the audience as Alice and Emma Fenney puts on a show as the Queen of Hearts. Luke Chadwick-Jones’ portrayal of the rabbit who is always late brings out some laughter involving some jam tarts but James Burton steals the show as the hilarious Mad Hatter, the hopeless Knight and when combining with Chadwick-Jones as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.

The use of props, puppetry and stage acrobatics really adds to the performance and the cast integrate really well with the audience, giving you the feeling you are part of the play as well.

There was even some audience participation as two children battled it out in a game of head croquet before Alice takes on the Jabberwocky, with some music really adding to the tension.

Alice is a wonderful play which really connects with all the family. Its magic and warmth brings alive the story of courage and will put a welcome smile on your face whatever your age.

So what are you waiting for? Take a step inside this magical world and see for yourself what lies beyond the rabbit hole, you will not be disappointed. But be quick, the production is only in Banbury until January 2.

Tickets are £18/£20 adults and £16/£18 children. Call 01865 766266 or to make a booking, click here.