LETTERS: Bankside - Why no action?

Parking in Bankside'. Why are Police ignoring motoring offences?
Parking in Bankside'. Why are Police ignoring motoring offences?


Why no action?

May I say thank you to Cllr Clarke for continuing to follow up on the Bankside parking problem (Banbury Guardian, March 13) as this problem does need resolving before another serious accident occurs.

Secondly though, I would also like to question why Thames Valley Police are turning a blind eye to the offences. The cars are committing an offence due to Section 223 of the Highway Code as they park within 10 metres of a junction, on a bend, on the hill and often block the bus stop.

It would be interesting to know whether any patrols at all have been made along Bankside between 9am and 5pm and whether any officer at all has ever acted on the offences mentioned?

Perhaps we could be 
provided with this information?

N Davidson

Coppice Close, Cherwell Heights, Banbury

I am happy there will finally be some progress with parking restrictions at Bankside, Banbury, as it’s much needed – although not a final solution to the parking problems of our growing town as you only have to see the housing going up at Bankside and those planned elsewhere to see that in the near future parking permits may have to be considered.

For seven months I have been working with Supt Colin Paine of Thames Valley Police and officers at Oxfordshire County Council to move forward with Bankside parking problems.

My delight with the Bankside progress was despite the fact that I feel I worked jointly with councillor Colin Clarke, only for my actions not to get a mention in last week’s Banbury Guardian article. This is a shame seeing as a problem like this needs all party support . Somebody once told me politics is a step learning curve – I’m learning fast.

Mark Cherry (Lab)

Banbury town, Cherwell district and Oxfordshire county councillor

talent event

Singing praises

It’s true! Banbury really has got talent! As one of the performers at this year’s final of Banbury’s Got Talent, I felt I simply had to get in touch to sing the praises of the event, its organisers and the amazingly talented performers who sang, played and danced their hearts out on Sunday evening.

I want to say a huge congratulations to Jenna, who won on the night, but also to all the other contestants. It’s a cliché to say that the standard was incredibly high, but it really was. It genuinely could have been won by any number of the acts on show.

I’m glad I was a performer and not a judge! Everyone was so supportive of each other and backstage often felt more like a group jam session than a competition! The Mill and Moon on a Stick Productions did a great job in putting the whole thing together and it’s great to see them nurturing local talent.

I’d also like to invite the contestants to The Skeptics’ monthly singing session on April 14 at The Bell in Adderbury. We hope to see as many of them as possible so the jam session can continue!

Here’s to next year’s competition!

Kieran Moore

Via e-mail

Munitions book

Canary tales

I’m writing a book about the brave young women who worked in munitions factories during the First World War and who were often known as ‘canary girls’ because of the effect the chemicals had on their skin.

One of those munitions factories was the National Filling Factory No. 9 at Banbury.

I would love to hear from anyone who had a female relative who worked at this factory and who has any material they can share with me, whether it be family stories, written records or photos. I can be contacted at WW1canarygirls@gmail.com.

Michael Streeter

Via e-mail

hanwell castle

Jupiter joy

In these times of economic downturn I think it is fitting to commend Hanwell Community Observatory for the very successful free Target Jupiter Public Outreach event held last Saturday at Hanwell Castle.

It was ideal conditions and the event attracted more than 500 people – both young and old

One of the deepest rewards of possessing a decent astronomical instrument is the delight and wonder inspired in many ‘first timers’ by its views of the craters of the moon, the rings of Saturn and Jupiter.

I understand it is Hanwell Community Observatory’s mission to share that powerful experience with the widest possible public.

Certainly, few, if any, other experiences are so potent in raising the mind of the beholder far above the narrow ‘realities’ of modern life and providing a change of perspective.

Setting aside more overtly educational objectives, it is my fundamental belief that no world-view which ignores everything beyond this one small planet can in any sense be regarded as complete or realistic, nor can anyone holding such a view be considered truly cultured or as possessing a genuine appreciation of the natural world to which we all owe our existence.

Astronomy is not only for scientists and Hanwell Community Observatory should be acknowledged as leading the way to make astronomy available to all.

Thank you Christopher Taylor and Rowena Archer for promoting the event at the atmospheric Hanwell Castle and thank you to all the star guides who afforded such great hospitality and provided such an informative evening.

I will certainly be keeping my eye on the observatory’s website and the Banbury Guardian for news of more events at Hanwell Castle.

Norman Kissoon

Hereford Way, Banbury


Kind gesture

Could I express my appreciation to the anonymous person who very kindly laid a black cat, killed on our road, on the grass verge, covering him with a towel and leaving a note for the owner.

It was a very touching action, performed on Thursday, March 13.

Priscilla Ormerod

Waterloo Drive, Banbury

council budgets

Parking puzzle

I am shocked and confused by the behaviour of Labour Party councillors in the Banburyshire area.

I am simple lad and it doesn’t take much to confuse me, granted, but I am puzzled by the apparent contradictory noises from the party.

When the Labour Party proposed budget amends at Oxfordshire County Council, all members, including councillors Christie, Cherry, Beal et al, voted in favour of increasing parking charges across the board, including at the Water Eaton Park and Ride site in the Cherwell district.

Thankfully, the Conservative Party does not support taxing the motorist back to the stone age and these proposals were defeated.

However, viewing the webcast of a budget meeting at Cherwell District Council I note the Labour party could not support the Conservative budget proposals as they included that shocking measure of parking charges. No increase in parking charges, just maintaining the status quo. This is clear to see in the webcast and on the local Labour party website.

I would be grateful if Cllr Woodcock could explain to my simple mind how the Labour Party could be in favour of increasing parking charges one day and then oppose the very principle of charging the next day?

Cllr Arash Fatemian

County councillor for Deddington and Cabinet Member for Finance, Oxfordshire County Council