KYLE BYFIELD TRIAL: Jury hears more from witnesses

Oxford Crown Court ENGNNL00120130626141910
Oxford Crown Court ENGNNL00120130626141910

The jury in the trial of the murder of Kyle Byfield have heard more witness statements about the days leading up to the 23-year-old’s death.

Natasha Capell, 26, of Jubilee Court, Banbury is charged with his murder after he died from a stab wound following an incident on April 16.

Capell admitted manslaughter on the first day of her trial on Monday and Alan Blake, prosecuting, gave his opening statements to the jury on Tuesday.

And on the third day of the trial today (Thursday), they heard a statement from Amelia Yates, a paramedic at South Central Ambulance Service who responded to a 999 call and arrived at Capell’s flat at about 7.25am.

The statement said: “We received an initial call of a 21-year-old male with broken glass in his ribs in a flat in Jubilee Court. We went up one flight of stairs where the door to the flat was open and the patient was in the living room lying on the floor with his back against the sofa. He was not conscious and his breathing was irregular.

“One male and one female was in the flat, with the female very distressed. She was shouting and crying and asking if he was going to be OK. We realised the severity of the injury and that he [Mr Byfield] was in cardiac arrest and so we started CPR.”

Dr Alexander Kolar, forensic pathologist, conducted a post mortem examination on Mr Byfield and said the fatal wound was on the left side of the chest and from a type of bladed weapon. He also added that a smaller incision wound was found on Mr Byfield’s left hand just above his thumb knuckle.

When asked by Adrian Redgrave, defending, if the wound could have been caused by broken glass, Dr Kolar replied: “I do not believe so.”

Giving evidence in the witness box was Lorenzo Mighty, who is in a relationship with Jake Orwa’s mother Hayley and knew Capell since she was born.

Mr Mighty told the jury how Mr Orwa and Capell came to the property where Mr Mighty lives in Harlech Close on April 15, and had brought with them some bottles of cider. Once the group at the property had finished the alcohol Mr Mighty went to the convenience shop on Bradley Arcade to buy some more cider.

As the evening wore on, he went to get some more alcohol from Tesco before Mr Byfield arrived at the property at about 1.30am on April 16.

Mr Mighty then told the jury how Mr Orwa and Mr Byfield went to Tesco via a taxi to get some more alcohol but were refused because they were drunk. When they returned Mr Mighty went to Tesco himself to again buy more alcohol.

As it got into early morning and more drink was consumed, Mr Mighty said he told Capell to go home as she had to pick up her baby later the same day. Mr Orwa was having arguments with his mother which got Mr Mighty and Mr Byfield involved and resulted in further arguments between Mr Orwa, Mr Byfield and Capell.

When Mr Mighty called a taxi to take Capell home at about 6am, Mr Orwa and Mr Byfield left together with Capellto her flat.

But in cross examination, Mr Redgrave said: “When Mr Byfield was telling Mr Orwa off for how was talking to his mother, do you believe Mr Orwa said to Mr Byfield: ‘You better shut your mouth or I will stab you’?

Mr Mighty replied: ‘Yes’.

Deon Stephens works for Cherwell District Council as a street cleaner and started his shift at about 7.35am on April 16 near Jubilee Court.

Speaking in the witness box, he told the court how he saw two ambulances parked outside the block of flats and saw Capell outside.

He said: “She was on her own and crying. I said what happened as I thought something was wrong with her baby. She kept saying ‘please don’t let him die, I do not want to lose my baby.’ She wouldn’t tell me who but said someone got stabbed and I could smell alcohol on her.”

Mr Stephens added that he saw another male come out of the block of flats who was crying and saying ‘I cannot stay here’ and staggered away towards High Street.

Mr Stephens said: “I was talking to her [Capell] about what she had done and she knew the police were going to be here and that it was too late. She told me that Kyle was dancing on a table and fell down on some broken glass.”

Julie Taylor is a desk operator for Cherwell Cars on George Street and had just started her shift at 6am when a male, identified on CCTV camera as Mr Orwa, walked into the taxi firm and asked for a taxi but didn’t have any money.

In her statement read out in court, it said: “I heard some commotion outside and a male came in who appeared very distressed and said ‘my best friend has been stabbed and I just watched him die. Can I have a free cab I will pay tomorrow.’. When she declined the fare, Mr Orwa is seen on CCTV walking to his half-sister Danielle’s house in Banbury.

The trial continues tomorrow (Friday).