Kaziboni is staying after he gets the right answer

Banbury United boss Mike Ford says there is now a stronger bond in the club.
Greg Kaziboni is staying at Banbury UnitedGreg Kaziboni is staying at Banbury United
Greg Kaziboni is staying at Banbury United

Ford said: “As a group, we’ve gone from being a team which looked lost a couple of months ago to one that has drawn with the leaders and beaten a top side 4-1. There hasn’t been a major transition, we’ve just managed to make sure the players realise what it is needed.

“There is a lot of togetherness in the group and the players can take a lot of credit for that. The last two games have seen us produce really good performances.

“Managers pick teams but players in the side pick themselves, they stay in if they do well and they’re out if they don’t.”

Ford is also delighted that Greg Kaziboni is staying at the club after he turned down a third seven-day approach.

He said: “Greg [Kaziboni] is really happy at the club, he likes the environment and feels part of a reasonably decent side.

“I spoke with Greg recently and he felt he could contribute more to the team. I told him what I wanted and the rest was down to him, that helped him and he got the answers he was looking for.”

Club officials have reduced admission prices for Saturday’s game to £5 adults with accompanied children free.