JLR says '˜business as usual' after EU vote

Jaguar Land Rover has confirmed its position within Warwickshire and Coventry after the UK voted to leave the European Union

Questions were raised about the global automotive firm’s future in the UK and the Midlands in light of Thursday’s vote.

But the business, which has its headquarters in Whitley, said on Friday: “For Jaguar Land Rover, today is just business as usual.

“We are a British business with a strong manufacturing base in this country, we call Britain home and we remain committed to all our manufacturing sites and investment decisions.

“We respect the decision of the British people and in common with all other businesses, Jaguar Land Rover will analyse the issues arising from it: as of today, nothing has changed for us or the rest of the British automotive industry.

Europe is a key strategic market for our business, comprising 20% of global sales, and we remain absolutely committed to our

customers in the EU.

“There will be a significant negotiating period, and we need to understand more about that as details emerge.

“We will work hard with all parties to ensure that the importance of the British automotive industry is fully understood at every level of the

negotiation process.”

The firm employs more than 10,000 people across its Gaydon and Whitley sites, with expansion plans now underway to create up to 4,000 new jobs in the area.