It’s hair today, gone tomorrow for selfless Brackley girl

Hollie Braithwaite, aged eight, will donate 12 inches of hair for wig manufacture NNL-171031-095413001

A seven-year-old from Brackley is set to have 12 inches of her wavy hair cut off and donated to the Little Princess Trust for children’s wigs.

Hollie Braithwaite will receive her radical makeover on November 18 at Katie’s Hair Lounge in Brackley.

The donated hair will then be used to make wigs for children who have lost their hair through illness or cancer treatments.

Hollie got the idea from a magazine and will be her first charitable adventure but her kindness for others has always been there.

Hollie said: “I chose to do this because I am very kind and think of others before myself. I am doing it because it’s a very kind thing to do for children that are poorly and have no hair.”

Even more altruistic is that the 11am hair cut will be part of Hollie’s eighth birthday celebrations.

It has taken Hollie two years to grow her hair long enough for donation but the idea of having it cut off is more terrifying for her dad, Simon.

Hollie said: “ Daddy is more worried because he doesn’t want my hair to be short.”

Worrying aside, both Simon and Hollie’s mother Fiona are fully supportive of their daughter’s endeavour.

Fiona said: “It has come from her, not from us at all. The goal of the fundraising has come from her as well. We’re very very proud of her. “

So far Hollie has raised enough for two wigs.

To help her get to three visit her Justgiving page

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