Incredible tale of a soldier’s life journey

Bruce Duncan, author of The Loan Soldier. NNL-150915-114719009
Bruce Duncan, author of The Loan Soldier. NNL-150915-114719009

The incredible but tragic story of a former loan soldier of the British Army has been captured in a book that relives his adventures across the world.

Bruce Duncan of Milton flew out to Brunei as a young 23-year-old lieutenant in 1964 to help support the country’s Malay Regiment before stints in Sudan, Jordan and Oman.

But it also tells the tragic story of how his young family were living in Kuwait at the time of the Iraqi invasion in 1990 and where his son Alex was killed in a car crash aged just 19. His other son Rorie, a passenger in the vehicle, was left paralysed and died in 2002 aged just 30.

Mr Duncan, now 74, held two events for his book The Loan Soldier at Oxford’s Balliol College and the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock last month.

He said: “Brunei was the most exciting in terms of opportunity as I was only 23 at the time when I flew out there. Most of my service was enjoyable apart from Kuwait of course. I was paid an allownace by the British Army according to the hardship you would face. You had tough countries like Sudan where the cost of living was extremely low whereas Kuwait’s cost of living was extremely high.”

Mr Duncan is married to his wife Toni and they also have two daughters, Hannah and Zoe. The book is priced at £19.99. To order a copy visit