Hundreds come for Bloxham Apple Day as five tons of fruit pressed

Some of the five tons of apples at Bloxham Apple Day NNL-180910-160408001
Some of the five tons of apples at Bloxham Apple Day NNL-180910-160408001

Hundreds of Bloxham residents and visitors to the village descended on the Pig Pen Pottery in Old Bridge Road for the 2018 Apple Day.

The day was blessed with bright sunshine after heavy rain on Saturday and the ‘press gang’ dealt with nearly five tons of apples brought in from local gardens.

The fruit is put through a large press and made into apple juice, cider or cider vinegar.

One of the organisers, Maureen Mant, said: “The purpose is to bring the community together in a common purpose at a relaxed, enjoyable time and place. Sunshine always helps as it did this year.

“About 250 people and numerous dogs attended over the afternoon.

“The majority of the apples are collected around the village by volunteers on the ‘Scrump’ weekend the week before the pressing. Others appear in the yard over the previous two weeks.”

Pressed apples provide apple juice to drink on the day and take home and even to freeze.

The fruits also make cider and cider vinegar which is made from the previous year’s crop for use on the table, in cooking and for medicinal use.

“What’s left over is sent to a farm as treats for the cows and pigs,” said Mrs Mant.

The event is not all about apples. Visitors enjoy live music, fresh pizzas from a cob oven, children’s games, wildlife information and advice.

Volunteers are mainly members of the Bloxfest committee.

All proceeds help to fund the village’s Fun Day which is based in Jubilee Park each summer in early June.