How should Oxfordshire develop over the next 30 years?

Oxfordshire residents will have the opportunity to shape the long-term future of the county with the launch of a major public consultation backed by the six councils.

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How should Banbury look in 2050?

As part of the £215m housing and growth deal secured by the Oxfordshire Growth Board from the Government, the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 will set out the county’s future for the next 30 years.

It will consider what makes Oxfordshire great and look to preserve these qualities, while helping to address some of the challenges facing the authorities and secure a better future for generations to come.

West Oxfordshire District Council leader James Mills, who is also chairman of the Oxfordshire Plan member sub-group of the Growth Board, said the plan will look at every aspect of living in the county.

“We need to think long-term about how we are going to provide the new homes we will need, the new jobs and workplaces for careers to prosper, the schools for our children and grandchildren, the facilities to maintain the health and wellbeing of the county, and the transport networks to keep us connected,” he said.

“The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 will set out how best to deliver this, and residents will be at the heart of the conversation.

“We want a plan that helps improve everyone’s quality of life - no matter where they live.”

Through consultation with different stakeholder groups and the public, the Growth Board will listen to what is important to residents and their families, what aspirations they have for the future and plan for the best way to deliver a better quality of life for all, be it rural, urban or market town communities.

On Tuesday (December 18), a briefing on the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 as held for a broad group of Oxfordshire stakeholders, including business and transport representatives, and community, heritage and environment groups.

Full public consultation will follow in early 2019.

The Growth Board has produced a video that explains what the plan is, why it is important and how people can get involved.

Over the coming months the Growth Board will be holding public consultation events, sending out updates in newsletters, engaging online and through social media.

As well as talking directly to residents so they are kept up-to-date with the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, they can have their say and we can answer any questions they may have.

The website will launch this week with the latest news, frequently asked questions and lots more information.