How a cat called Gizmo became a star in print

Gizmo is a cat with attitude. The Devon Rex belongs to septuagenarian author Bill Lowe and his amusing escapades have now been captured in print.

He’s the eponymous hero of Gizmo - the Cat with no Whiskers and its sequel Gizmo - the Cat who had French Lessons.

They’re enchanting tales with a rich cast of characters, both animal and human.

And Banbury gets a mention because Bill remembers it fondly from his youth.

He explains: “I was an adopted only child, brought up in a very strict environment in Edinburgh. I wasn’t even allowed to have school friends to visit but there were no such restrictions when I stayed with my cousins in Banbury.
“I spent much of the summer holidays travelling round the country with my eccentric Aunt Mary and her rather strange looking cat - a Devon Rex which had very little hair and an abundance of wrinkles.”

They loved stopping at Banbury and would treat themselves to cod and chips, then take their fish supper back to the camper van to share them with their feline friend.

Little did Bill realise that these frequent forays to Banbury would eventually lead him to acquiring his own Devon Rex – Gizmo.

The grandfather-of-five – who was curator of a small zoo before he retired – now divides his time between his houses in the south of France and southern Spain.

“I can’t stand the British weather,” he explains. “And like myself, my current Devon Rex appreciates the better climate.”

He is now working on the third book in the series entitled, appropriately, Gizmo - the Cat who Moved to the Mediterranean. He has also written Tales from the Reptile House.

> Bill’s books can be downloaded at Amazon.