Householders paying less for having bins emptied

Cllr. Kieron Mallon at Banbury town hall. NNL-141021-145225009
Cllr. Kieron Mallon at Banbury town hall. NNL-141021-145225009

Wheely bin refuse collections are costing their lowest amount since the scheme was introduced a decade ago.

Residents are paying less than £50 a year to have their bins emptied, according to new figures from Cherwell District Council. That is less than £1 per week.

Earlier this month members of Cherwell District Council’s executive committee reviewed the current collection service to ensure it met the recycling criteria as set out by the Government’s new waste framework directive which came into force this month.

In assessing the service, councillors noted the cost of emptying bins in 2013-2014 was £47.84 per property down from £62.92 at its peak cost in 2009-2010.

Cllr Kieron Mallon, Cherwell’s lead member for performance, said: “As an authority, we have worked hard to protect the frontline services that matter most to our residents during times of financial uncertainty.

“Initiatives such as sharing services with South Northamptonshire Council and providing increased recycling opportunities have all helped us to make the necessary financial savings while maintaining a high level of service to the taxpayer.

“Since we first introduced this current recycling service in 2003-2004, recycling levels have gone up but the cost to residents has gone down.

“Last year each property paid less than £1 a week for their bins to be emptied and we expect this to drop further when we finalise our costs for the 2014/ 2015 year.”