Hot offer of cash to help energy bills

Councillor Tony Ilott
Councillor Tony Ilott

An award of up to £10,800 is on offer to one property in Banbury to fund home insulation and reduce energy bills.

Cherwell District Council is one of 14 authorities awarded a share of a £2.4 million grant from the government’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) as part of its Green Deal Communities Project Fund.

The money will enable Cherwell to offer eligible properties in Banbury the opportunity to receive a grant of up to £10,800 towards the cost of energy efficient insulation with an agreement to act as a future showhome. Other eligible homes will be able to apply for a grant of up to £6,000.

Councillor Tony Ilott, Cherwell’s lead member for clean and green, said: “Energy bills are a major source of expenditure and it’s important we all try to reduce our carbon footprint not just to help the environment, but to help our wallets.

“A major way of reducing that is to install energy efficient measures but we appreciate that although it generates long-term financial benefits, the initial outlay can be expensive. By offering this grant we are giving eligible properties the chance to ease that initial burden with a substantial contribution towards the work.”

The winner must install internal and/or external wall insulation to 100 per cent of their external walls. If the winning property is in a conservation area only internal wall insulation can be installed. In accepting the grant, the residents must undertake an approved Green Deal assessment and agree to act as a showhome on up to six dates over six months.

An assessment has been undertaken of streets within Banbury with houses that meet the eligibility criteria for this grant. All have terraces of solid-wall homes which are harder and more costly to insulate than modern homes.

The roads that may be eligible for the grant include Albert Street, Britannia Road, Broad Street, Castle Street, Gatteridge Street, Grosvenor Road, Grove Street, Marlborough Place, Marlborough Road, Newland Place, Prospect Road and Warwick Road.

To apply for the showhome grant, residents must agree to make a financial contribution. Those unsuccessful will still be able to apply for future grants of £6,000 towards solid wall insulation. The deadline for applications is January 16. Call 01908 256945.