Hook Norton Brewery rye beer crowned best in world

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Hook Norton Brewery 'GV SHOT ENGNNL00120120123145007

Hook Norton’s brewery has had one of its beers crowned the best of its kind in the whole world.

At the World Beer Awards held in London earlier this month, an expert panel of judges identified the best beers from each country, covering 72 styles, from non-alcoholic to specialist flavoured beers.

Almost 2,000 beers originating from 36 countries were vying for the prestigious right to be called the best in the world.

Hook Norton Brewery’s Red Rye was crowned the UK’s Best Rye Beer before going one better to be crowned the World’s Best Rye Beer – a feat it also achieved in 2015.

The brewery’s managing director James Clarke said: “We are extremely proud to have won this award for Red Rye after narrowly missing out with a silver to BrewDog last year.

“It is great to be recognised for all of the hard work and dedication the team here put in to produce these world-class beers and to be flying the flag for the UK.”

There was further success for the brewery as the 40-year-old classic Hooky Ale was voted the UK’s Best English Brown Ale and their crafty ale, Playing Hooky, a pale, amber, malty biscuit-brew picked up a bronze in the UK Pale Ale category.

The brewery has been crafting ales since 1849 and is one of just 32 independent brewers in the country.