Home owners’ pride remains a road to hell

Malcolm and Dink Weblin by the many cars parked outside their home
Malcolm and Dink Weblin by the many cars parked outside their home

Residents living opposite a Banbury industrial estate are still fighting to stop lorry drivers – and now cars – parking outside their homes .

The Banbury Guardian first reported on the situation in Wharf Cottages, off Southam Road, in October last year and despite Oxfordshire County Council saying it was looking into parking restrictions, it has only got worse.

Then the main problem was lorry drivers delivering to businesses in Beaumont Road industrial estate; sometimes stopping for up to a week at a time.

But for the past six weeks residents have also been suffering from inconsiderate car drivers who they believe are working at the industrial estate.

Malcolm and Dink Weblin, who have lived in their home for 29 years, enjoy a beautiful canalside view on one side but say the other side is a nightmare.

Mrs Weblin, aged 71, said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous and it’s really getting us down.

“There are now both cars and lorries and the most we’ve had is five lorries and 16 cars at the same time. What we want is just some official signs put up saying ‘no parking’ – it’s just not fair. At the moment if we confront the drivers they just say ‘where’s the sign?’.

“If there are proper signs then the police could also do something about it.” Her 79-year-old husband added: “The other day there was a lorry just by our drive.

“If I had been using our trailer I wouldn’t have been able to get out. And what if there was a fire?”

The couple said the businesses on the industrial estate have been proactive, asking drivers not to park by Wharf Cottages, but that there is a real lack of parking for lorries elsewhere.

In October, Oxfordshire County Council said it was looking into the potential for introducing parking or waiting restrictions to deter HGVs from causing obstructions. Residents were also asked to document on-going problems and pass on photographic evidence.

But speaking on Tuesday, OCC spokesman Dominic Llewellyn-Jones said: “We are sympathetic to the concerns of the residents, however funds are such that at the moment the council has no opportunity to introduce any parking restrictions.

“However, as part of the redevelopment of the Alcan site, the junction with Southam Road is to be redesigned which will make access to Wharf Cottages extremely difficult for lorries. We anticipate that this will be completed in 2015.”