Historic school house is up for sale

Old School House, Chipping Warden NNL-161005-143211001
Old School House, Chipping Warden NNL-161005-143211001

An old school house which is part of Banburyshire’s education history has been put on the market.

The Old School House in Chipping Warden was home for more than 100 years to the teachers who gave lessons to the children of the village.

The thatched building itself is thought to date back to the early 18th century when, according to local tradition, it was made up of two artisan dwellings built to house the men rebuilding the manor house nearby.

Its role as a school house came later after 1832 when Chipping Warden’s first elementary school was founded by Lucy, Baroness North who was known for instigating educational reform locally. The school was entirely reliant on her patronage. The sale is being handled by Savills in Banbury.