Helps for stranded in Lincolnshire snows

Thom Airs, Stamford
Thom Airs, Stamford

Lincolnshire Police, the County Council and others have come together to deliver a lifeline to cut-off rural communities.

The Lincolnshire Community Resilience Group launched today has has been set up to help deliver essential medication and respond to urgent calls for assistance throughout the county in an on-going multi-agency responses from the County Emergency Centre and Police and Fire HQ.

The combination of heavy snow falls and strong winds brought by Storm Emma are expected to cause drifts, making some rural area impassable.

CRG has been established due to the number of residents experiencing real difficulty.

Head of Emergency Planning Ian Reed said: “This group has been established because we identified a need in some areas that have been cut off due to snow.

“We now know there are some communities that have been hit hard and transportation in or out has been made extremely difficult. This group is there to assist if people can’t get essential medication or if there is an urgent need for help.”

The group comprises police, emergency planners, military, local authorities and volunteers. It is available from 9am until 6pm today weekend operations will be reviewed later this afternoon. Anyone needing this kind of assistance is asked to contact the helpline on 01522 782189.

Ian Reed added: “The service should only be used for urgent calls and assistance and vulnerable people that require essential medication deliveries not possible due to snow. Communities are still encouraged to be good neighbours and check on anyone that may require assistance.”

“We have identified a real need in rural communities so we are trying to deliver the help where it is needed. We have already been assisted enormously in those areas by the farming community with tractors and other equipment who have come to the rescue on a number of occasions and continue to do so allowing our resources to be used in areas of most need.” hh