Help expected to pour in for refugees in Calais ‘Jungle’

Vanessa Porter and son William NNL-150825-094047001
Vanessa Porter and son William NNL-150825-094047001

A project to collect tents and other vital equipment for refugees in the ‘Jungle’ in Calais reaches its first crescendo tomorrow (Friday) when the doors open for donations at the collection point.

The Calaid OX15 appeal has resulted in a huge response from individuals and families wanting to improve living conditions for the refugees before winter sets in.

The appeal takes its name from the postcode of Hook Norton organisers Vanessa Porter and Sammi Garrett Newman who were moved 
to help the refugees after 
seeing television footage of the spartan conditions in which the refugees have been living.

“The response has been fantastic,” said Ms Garrett Newman.

“We’ve had lots of promises and tomorrow and Saturday are the days we will be taking in the equipment people have collected for us at St Peter’s Hall, Hook Norton between 9am - 7pm.”

Ms Garrett Newman and Mrs Porter have restricted their appeal to the essentials needed by refugees – tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, candles and socks.

The donations are to be driven down to a depot in Newbury before being taken on to a distribution point in Calais for use at The Jungle and a new camp at Dunkirk.

“We’ve got pledges of eight drivers and David Cooper from One Man Band has offered to take some of the consignment,” said Mrs Garrett Newman.

“We’re so grateful for the offers of help. Many people have responded. Sibford School came up trumps and parents have donated lots.”

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