Heatwave: MP asks minister to consider pregnant Banbury women travelling to Oxford

North Oxfordshire MP Victoria PrentisNorth Oxfordshire MP Victoria Prentis
North Oxfordshire MP Victoria Prentis
The North Oxfordshire MP called on the Government to think about pregnant women from Banbury who have to travel to Oxford to give birth and their families during the heatwave.

Victoria Prentis asked to ensure maternity care is ‘safe, kind and close to home’ and invited new Health Secretary Matt Hancock to visit Banbury in the House of Commons yesterday (Tuesday, July 24).

“Our three children were all born in periods of extremely hot weather,” she said to health minister Caroline Dinenage.

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“I ask the House to think of the families of Banbury who have to travel for up to an hour and a half or even two hours, if they are lucky enough to have their own car, to Oxford to give birth in a full obstetric unit.

“May I encourage the Minister, in her drive to ensure that maternity care is safe, kind and close to home, to ask the new Secretary of State to visit us in Banbury soon so that he can assess the situation for himself?”

Ms Dinenage responded: I completely understand my hon. Friend’s concerns. She has been an incredibly strong advocate and campaigner on this very issue.

“As she knows, no permanent changes will be made until the work is carried out by the independent review panel, which is looking at attempts to recruit obstetric staff for her local services.

“I thank her very much for the offer of a visit; I am sure the secretary of state will look at it very closely.”