Have a say on latest Longford Park, Banbury plans

Seven hundred homes could be built near Bodicote as part of the second phase of the Longford Park development.
Longford Park, Banbury, from Bankside. NNL-170606-160817009Longford Park, Banbury, from Bankside. NNL-170606-160817009
Longford Park, Banbury, from Bankside. NNL-170606-160817009

The planning application, which was submitted by Hallam Land Management, also includes a community building with sports pavilion and changing rooms, green space including playing fields and allotment, landscaping and a balancing pond.

The proposed site is on land north of Bannatyne Health Club with access from Oxford Road.

The site has been earmarked for 600 homes in the Cherwell District Council Local Plan.

But in the summary of its environmental statement, the developers referred to a report published by the inspector sent to examine the local plan which states the capacity of an allocated site should be discussed during the planning development phase, not pre-determined by a local plan.

People affected by the development are being invited to have their say on the application with some Bodicote residents already opposing the plans. Fears have been raised in the past that Bodicote could lose its rural identity after being subject to a number of planning applications over the years.

Objections to this application include concerns over the volume of traffic that could be created by the development, noise and air pollution while others have expressed annoyance at losing views of open fields.

One respondent who lives on the first phase of Longford Park said: “The submitted plans are wholly dependent on the existing Longford Park access routes – roads which are already struggling under the weight of traffic from residents with multiple cars.

“As a Longford Park phase one resident I can attest to the increasingly heavy use of these primary roads over the past two years as

dwellings have become occupied, with phase one developers seemingly underestimating the amount of vehicles using the infrastructure. Longford Park’s primary routes were not designed for the volume of traffic they currently handle, let alone the additional traffic 700 additional homes will bring.”

To view and comment on the application, visit www.publicaccess.cherwell.gov.uk/online-applications/ with reference number 17/01408/OUT.